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Baby Shower Gifts for Dad


Many times, we associate parenting with motherhood. We let mothers take all the credit for birthing a child. However, the child is birthed through the combined efforts of the father and the mother. Needless to say that the mother cannot conceive a child on her own. The mother couldn’t have also taken care of herself on her own during pregnancy. There had to be the presence of a responsible father. So it is thoughtful to get baby shower gifts for dad too.

Baby shower gifts for dad and introduction

It isn’t common for baby showers to be organized for dads since mums take all the credit most times. However, organizing surprise baby showers for dads would go a long way in making them feel loved and appreciated. It would also open them up to the reality of their soon-to-be dad status. So a baby shower organized for a dad would be less pink and more blue. It would be less tea and more beer. Even if he would get no baby shower party, a baby shower gift for dad would brighten his day.

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What is a Dad’s Baby Shower?

A dad’s baby shower is a party that is thrown for the father-to-be instead of the mother-to-be. Celebrating the last days before fatherhood is a way to spend some time with his male friends, especially those who have been into fatherhood. It is most times planned by male friends of the father-to-be and is modeled after a bachelor’s party. Baby showers for dad is a new trend that is gradually emerging for fathers in the 21st century.

Although the idea of baby showers for dads has been around for a long time, it just became prominent. Mothers are mostly celebrated because they are the ones that have to endure carrying another human in their bodies. They even grow out of their clothes and have extensive mood swings. All of these reasons contribute to why the focus is always on mothers.

baby shower gifts for dad and supporting dads

However, a simple celebration for dads, recognizing their impacts before pregnancy, and support for mothers during pregnancy make them feel worth it. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Something thoughtful, something nice would do the trick. As fatherhood moves up their priority list, let them also have the chance to ooh and aah over their baby shower gifts for dad.

Are There Baby Shower Gifts For Dad?

While considering baby shower gifts for dads, you may tend to run out of ideas. Although, there are lots of gifts that a dad would have use for when the baby is born. They are not entirely different from what you would buy for a mother-to-be. However, they need to be more manly. Also, their gifts don’t necessarily have to be for the baby, they can also be for him.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Dad Tutoring Books

He is a new dad. Yaaaayyyy… With the joy that comes with being a dad, comes responsibility. As a result, he would need some knowledge about being a dad and how to parent his child. Unfortunately, children don’t come with manuals to train them. With a gifted dad book, he will be able to gain some knowledge on how best to be a dad. So get him a book or books that you think will be helpful.

You could as well get him books that would teach him how to help the mother before, during, and after labor.

A Functional Baby Carrier

A practical gift that you can give a father is a functional baby carrier. With this, he would be able to spend more time with his newborn and bond with him or her.

baby shower gifts for dad and functional baby carrier

He would also be able to assist the mum with doing things around the house while carrying the baby around on his or her carrier.


This is a very thoughtful gift for a soon-to-be dad because he would most likely spend his time pacing back and forth trying to sway his baby to sleep. A dad would be more comfortable performing this duty with foamy and comfortable slippers.

This gift would also help dads to keep outdoor shoes outdoors. This would help keep a hygienic environment. This would help so that when kids start crawling, they wouldn’t be getting germs into their system with their dad’s outdoor shoes.

Tote or Diaper Bags

Modern-day dads, if given their modern tote or diaper bags, would be more than proud to lug on the adventure with their newborn. The tote bag has a masculine sense it gives and they can either wear it on their shoulder or attach it to a stroller.

The bag has storage spaces to house other baby items. This bag would allow dads to help mothers and relieve their motherly duties.

A Coffee Bottle

If you think the soon-to-be dad would still be getting all the sleep he had always gotten, then you got a shot in the leg. The fact remains night, being a new dad, comes with months of sleepless nights.

So if you get him a coffee bottle, you would be saving his life maximally. This handy bottle would help him bridge the gap between the few moments he has to shut his errand the moments he would be awake due to the newborn’s cries.

Digital Camera

You could also give the soon-to-be dad a digital camera to keep memories of the child’s journey right from birth. Help him capture the special moments of his life with his baby. This gift is thoughtful.

Daddy and Newborn Shirts

Getting the soon-to-be dad and his newborn adorable sets of shirts with lovely inscriptions. You could inscribe it with a “me” on the soon-to-be dad’s shirt and a “mini-me” on the baby’s shirt. A “say hello to a little friend” and “little friend” on the soon-to-be dad and baby’s shirt respectively is also a great inscription.

You can as well, go ahead to check online for accurate inscriptions on such shirts.

Funny Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Funny baby shower gifts for dad are ways to lighten the mood of the soon-to-be father who is already bothered about the new responsibilities he has already. This occasion is the perfect one to give him a funny baby shower gift for dad.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

As funny as this gift seems, it is also very thoughtful. Whether dads like it or not, they will be on diaper duties when the child is birthed. So this funny baby shower gift for dad is a way to prepare him for his new duty of changing diapers.

Funny Fake Packaging

This funny fake packaging would make everyone at the shower think you’re giving them something that funny, while their real gift is inside.

Scream Here Pillow

There are some moments in fathering a child, where all you just want to do is to scream in a pillow. This baby shower gift for dad is thoughtful as you’re indirectly telling the soon-to-be dad that it won’t all be rosy. There are times he would get no sleep due to the baby’s cries. However, he shouldn’t do the screaming on just any pillow, this funny pillow gift should bear all the screams for him.

Funny Silicon Bib

For days when the baby decides to share some of his meal with you by throwing up all over you, this funny silicon bib will come to the rescue.

New Dad Survival Kit

The new dad survival kit is a famous baby shower gift for dads. It is filled with many items to keep dads prepared such as a survival handbook, journal, and knuckle cream. You can as well put earplugs, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, rubber gloves, and the like. These items will help the new dad to survive the new stage of his life.

Sleeping Sign for Front Door

When the baby finally gets some sleep, all a dad wants to do is to also get some sleep. So if you give him a sleeping sign that probably reads:

“Please, do not knock or ring the bell. It upsets the dog, which upsets the baby, which upsets mom.”

Then the visitors would get the message quickly not to disturb the sleeping baby and enter quietly. It’s a funny gift but a very thoughtful one at that.

Cool Baby Shower Ideas For Dad

Keep It Simple

Men don’t need so much extravagance. They like to flaunt their simplicity. So you should keep it simple. You could just take an evening out with your friends but as a surprise for your soon-to-be dad pal. He would see it as any other evening out with friends and would be pleasantly surprised to see that it is all about him. Don’t forget to bring gifts along too.

Have Friendly Dad Competitions or Games

Another way to bring out the fun in your hang out with the soon-to-be dad is by having him participate in friendly dad competitions. Games such as “Who is the fastest in doing the dishes?” or “Who can make lunch quicker for the toddler?” will lift the atmosphere. It is also a way of letting off some steam and helping the dad to be prepared well for the journey ahead.

Change Diapers

Spice your hangout up with some challenging games such as changing diapers. You could have some stuffed animals, baby dolls, and old-fashioned diapers to test the diapers changing skills of the soon-to-be dad. It doesn’t have to be the dad to be alone participating. Make it more fun by having other friends participate too. You could even blindfold them to see which of them does it better.

Guys Night Out

Baby shower gifts for dad and guys night out

Guys’ night out is an awesome idea as well. You could rent a cabin or tent on a campsite and let him enjoy being in the midst of his friends. At least, he would enjoy this much-needed respite before his coveted time to himself is turned into sleepless nights.

Have Fun Conversations

Fun conversations surrounding babies should happen on these sorts of occasions. Ask questions concerning babies from the new dad-to-be, testing his knowledge about babies. You would also be able to evaluate how prepared he is for this journey ahead. You could ask questions like the following:

  • Do you know the gender yet?
  • What are the things you’re looking forward to when you have your child?
  • What will you miss the most about not being a parent?
  • Have you thought of a name for the baby?
  • How big is a newborn’s head compared to his body?
  • How far can a newborn baby see?

Ask all these questions and enlighten your new dad to be friend about being a father.

Food and Drinks

There is no party without food and drinks. They are very essential things for every party. You could think about finger foods, sandwiches, pie or snacks. Barbeque is also a good idea for a sunny weather in the backyard.

As regards drinks, you can have non-alcoholic drinks prepared for your friends that do not take alcoholic drinks. For alcohol, you could prepare beer and cocktails. You could even add a fun touch to it by putting the drinks in baby bottles.


Are you still wondering what to give your soon-to-be dad friend? Baby shower gifts for dad varies and dads would never have more than enough gifts. You could give personalised or customized gifts as well.

Dads can never have enough of parenting dad books. Buy dad-specific baby products. But always add a touch of thought to every gift for your friend.

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